Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 60: Hump Day

Well I have made it half-way through this tour. It is going well so far. We are back in Saipan. The Korean stay was not too bad this time, but I am always glad to get back to the safer waters of Saipan.

I have been sewing on my cocoon during the last week. We have nearly 60,000 sq ft of "canvas" (actually a modern plastic fabric) and some of it took a beating on the way up to Korea. As a result, we had to pull a strip about 140' long down and I was sewing patches on. Sewing is difficult enough, but on a piece of fabric so large and heavy, you can't move it; you need to be innovative. Fortunately we have a trolley for the sewing machine which makes life a bit easier.

Last night my 3rd mate went out on the town for the first time. He was doing well until the boat ride home. Apparently the USN LT from the flag ship decided that he was spending the night with her so I didn't see him until noon today. I don't see it, but these are sailors after all. I just imagine if the rolls had been reversed.

Tomorrow i head into a void space under our car deck to locate the source of an oil leak. Nothing like crawling into a tight, dark box of steel coated in hydraulic oil to start the day. At least I get an inspection out of the way.


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