Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Navigator

I got a new toy for my birthday, a GPS navigator for my car. While I’ve had a GPS system in my car since 1998, I finally came into the 21st century by getting one with a street map on it. My old unit was a hand held Garmin that was good for boats and hiking, but its mapping was just a primitive screen with a track history overlay.

The new unit is an AVMap Geosat 5. It does everything a GPS mapper needs to do. Additionally, it came with software and a cable to interface with my amateur radio so that I can beaconing out into the world so that people can track me if they so desire (you can too at this website: The GPS will even display other hamsters in the area who are beconing, and even worse, you can set it to follow a certain station. This would be a good thing in emergency communications.

The first big test as a navigator is when I drive from Wilkes-Barre to CT to see my parents. I know the route already, but we will see if the GPS and I agree.

Lastly, since it does talk to you with a female voice, I think we need to name it. I am open to any suggestions for a name.

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